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  Monday October 14. 2013  

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Sanya City Delegation Visits Maui 



On July 1, 2010, a seven member delegation from Sanya City, Peoples Republic of China, led by Mayor Wang Yong arrived on Maui.  They were greeted at the airport by Deidre Tegarden and Anna Ribucan of the Maui County Office of Economic Development.  Both Diedre and Anna as well as Council Chair Danny Mateo had visited Sanya in March of this year.  A signature dinner was prepared by Chef Bryan Ashlock in Sanya’s honor at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, attended by a small group of Maui dignitaries.  The next day, the delegation was honored by the County Council in chambers where a gift exchange was made.  Sanya has been a Sister City of Maui County since October 26, 1998.  Through such friendships, bonds are created to foster world peace and economic exchange.


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