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2010 Youth Art Showcase Rules and Entry Form
March 21, 2009 Maui Culture & Arts Day
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As part of this website, we will try to find interesting articles and news that relate to Maui and our Sister Cities. As many of these articles are found in newspapers, we will provide you the News headline and then lead you to a link in the newspaper or website that references the event.

Did you know that Ping Tung county has donated two lion statues that are in The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park  in Kula. Click here to read an article about it in the Maui News.


Business Resource Center for the month of April. Please join us.
Bringing the World to Maui and Maui to the World.

Sister Cities 2007 Youth Art Showcase is here on Maui through April 30th. Please come view the exhibit

MAUI 2008 YOUTH ART SHOWCASE! And the Winner is...
Casey Arcangel, student at Kamehameha Schools Maui.

Casey Arcangel and Mayor Charmain Tavares

Casey was awarded $300, presented by Mayor Tavares, on April 12 at the Maui Arts and Culture Day at the Maui Mall. Now his winning entry will be sent to the Sister Cities International Art Showcase and we wish him the best of luck. His detailed and beautifully crafted pencil drawing of a Ukelele (shown below) is called "The Music of Life."

2008 Maui Sister Cities Foundation Art Showcase Winner:


For the last two years, Maui County has invited its 23 Sister Cities to participate in the Young Artist Showcase. 

Maui County Sister Cities Foundation
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