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  Monday October 14. 2013   Membership Application

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 Join Maui County Sister Cities Foundation and Recieve Beautfil Recognition Pin.

Maui County Sister Cities Foundation 
Membership Application

There are various ways to participate in our foundation. Here are the Membership Types and Options:

Basic Individual and Family Membership: $10 per person

Enhanced Membership: $25 per person 
(Includes a beautiful Maui County Sister Cites Recognition Pin) 

Non-Profit or Cultural Organization Membership: $25 per year
(Includes MCSSF Recognition Pin and Website Recognition) 

Business Membership: $100 per year
(Includes MCSSF Recognition Pin and Website Recognition) 

Event or Delegation Sponsorship: starting from $500 

Aloha Delegation Gift Donations: in-kind donations  
Our thank you will be a Basic Membership and a big mahalo)

Please download the attached Membership Application. Print it and send it in with your information and check.
(Maui County Sister Cities Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization and your monetary donations are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. Check or Cash accepted.)




Maui County Sister Cities. Membership Application

Maui County Sister Cities Foundation
Bringing the World to Maui County, Hawaii, USA
(808) 873-8247
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