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2005 Sister Cities Fesitvial on Maui
2006 Philippines Delegation Trip
2006 Embo Scotland Trip
2007 Sister Cities International
2007 Matsuri Festival
2007 Japan Visits Maui
2008 Young Artist Showcase
2008 Fukuyama City Visits Maui
2008 Pingtung County Visits Maui
2009 Pingtung Visit and Dedication
2009 Young Artist Showcase
2009 Maui Culture and Arts Day
2010 Young Artist Showcase
2010 Maui Youth Delegation Visits Fukuyama
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Please Join the Maui County Sister Cities Foundation

Children of the World Dande Maui Sister City Festival 2005

Support the Sister Cities International's Mission of Citizen Diplomacy


World Peace, One individual at a time! Spread the Aloha Spirit. Help promote world peace and diplomacy. Meet delegations and cultures from around the world. Join Maui County Sister Cities Foundation. Monthly meetings are held at the MCBRC (Maui County Business Resource Center in Kahului). For more information about our meetings, cultural events and upcoming delegation visits and events, please contact us: [email protected] or call (808) 873-8247. You are welcome to attend our meetings and events - there is no obligation donate money - your participation is appreciated however it is offered!

Basic Individual and Family Membership:  $10 per person

Enhanced Membership:
  (Includes a beautiful MCSSF Recognition Pin)

 $25 per person
Non-Profit or Cultural Organization Membership: 
  (Includes a beautiful MCSSF Pin and Website Recognition)
 $25 per year
Business Membership: 
  (Includes a beautiful MCSSF Pin, 
   with Name / Logo link to your business from our website)
 $100 per year
Event or Delegation Sponsorship:  starting from $500
Volunteer or Aloha Delegation Gift Donations:  in kind donations

*Membership Dues are calculated annually to coincide
with Maui County fiscal year: from July - June.
However we encourage you to join at any time in the year.



Your membership helps us to: Assess, plan, implement programs that fulfill the County of Maui’s opportunities and commitments involving sister cities in other countries. To learn more about Maui County Sister Cities Foundation, please click to our about us page.

Please fill out our secure online form to let us know of your interest. However, we still request that you: 

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  • If you have any questions, please call at (808) 873-8247


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