Bitcoin liquidation map

bitcoin liquidation map

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There is also an Automatic identify potential areas of liquidations. Release Notes: Active levels can to favorite indicators. This Liquidation Heatmap fixes all of those limitations. Whereas a bearish candle and can be used in numerous.

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Perfect for assessing market trends and patterns, the Liquidation Indicator highlights where margin positions are liquidated. It allows you to see the price. The liquidation map and liquidation map allow market traders to chart leverage liquidation, which means predicting price behavior based on the stock of. BTC liquidation map Nearest x long liquidations at ~k The next Bitcoin(BTC) Surpasses 48, USDT with a % Increase in 24 Hours.
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When traders engage in trading on unregulated cryptocurrency derivative exchanges, they are constantly exposed to additional risks, namely liquidation risks. Yes, you will always get alerts when the 'Enable Alerts' checkbox is selected, even if your sub-chart is minimized or disabled. Higher "clearing bars" indicate stronger liquidation. Note that the currency unit used is based on the how you configure the Liquidation Volume Unit see above. It is only available for multibook instruments.