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We improve upon and extend. Modelling the world in real increase humanoid autonomy more.

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Margarita Chli, ETH Zurich (11.02.2020)
Margarita Chli is a Professor in Robotic Vision and director of the Vision for Robotics Lab, at the University of Cyprus and ETH Zurich. Her work has. Margarita Chli. ETH. �Vision-based perception of (aerial) robots�. Abstract. Promising great impact in the way we employ/consider robots today, the development. Since Assistant Professor, Director of the Vision for Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich, Switzerland and Honorary Fellow of the University of.
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Chli first tackled the issue of simultaneous localization and mapping SLAM in which a robotic system has difficulty estimating its new and changing environment while also keeping track of its own location. University of Cambridge Imperial College London. What this opportunity at Imperial offered to me, was foremost, a great supervisor with a unique passion for research, brilliant ideas and unreserved kindness, which made me fight harder. Chli's early work helped to improve computer vision approaches to enable the construction of autonomous robotic systems. ISBN