Why is crypto volatile

why is crypto volatile

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It's no secret that crypto markets are highly volatile. Significant price swings that would be considered major events in traditional financial markets are. Cryptocurrencies are in general highly volatile, and are subject to sudden, massive price swings. Therefore, the analysis of Bitcoin volatility and the. The price of cryptocurrencies can be volatile. These price fluctuations are often influenced by supply and demand, investor and user sentiment.
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It was establishing the blockchain as a workable force and was just beginning to have network effects. Regulatory announcements from various parts of the world have historically triggered immediate and often unpredictable effects on Bitcoin's price. VanEck does not guarantee the accuracy of third party data. Then, barely a year later, it closed out at Every element of the crypto sector is new and evolving daily, so it makes sense to approach cryptocurrencies with a degree of caution as well as excitement.